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Luxury MBAs, Buyers Beware

Stardate September 2nd 2016;

Hello everyone,

Since our initial post below, the website referenced has changed it’s format in order to protect some of its content from anonymous viewing. After reviewing the site at length, I would suggest you do this as there is quite a lot of valuable information about the fashion industry in general, and the education sector more specifically. It really is quite interesting. Don’t forget to check out their education 2016 world rankings page. Two French schools are named. I’ll bet you can’t guess which ones!

The business of education is evolving fast. Can the French keep up?

Our orignal article below….

“… it’s clear that a diploma is not a magic calling card, either. Applicants should carefully research each institution — and talk to former students — so that they can really understand whether or not the programme they are considering is worthy of its investment.”

“Maybe they’re not doing any harm, except in so far as they dilute the idea of a serious education in fashion. It’s already a fighting battle.”

My guess is that an MBA has become itself a brand, so obviously the idea of a serious education has been altered, marketed, communicated, misunderstood, and diluted. The globalization and privatisation of “education” has thrown out the window any kind of common standard needed to maintain scholastic integrity. Duh.

Otherwise, if you are actually thinking about getting a job after you …. um…. graduate, it’s a good idea to check the alumni club for the school you are considering, to see how active and involved they are as a liason between the student body, alumni, and the professional sector. Continue reading Luxury MBAs, Buyers Beware

The Show Must Go On.

My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies
Fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die
I can fly, my friends
The show must go on (go on, go on, go on) yeah yeah
The show must go on (go on, go on, go on)
I’ll face it with a grin
I’m never giving in
On, with the show.
— Lyrics: Queen

And from Wikipedia:
“”The show must go on” is a phrase in show business, meaning that regardless of what happens, whatever show has been planned still has to be staged for the waiting patrons.”

“Later on, the phrase was more broadly applied to the hotel business and show business in general. Eventually, the phrase was used to convey the idea that an event or activity must continue even if there are problems or difficulties, with or without regard to actual show business.

Below is our google translation of a recent interview with SUP DE LUXE’s director Thibaut de La Riviere. The interview was posted on june 1st 2016, on the site SHOW MUST GO ON, whose site name, needless to say, made us laugh a bit.

If you saw a recent post of ours, starring Dominique PERRIN, presented by France 2 television, you did indeed notice that Monsieur PERRIN stated there are 250 jobs available in “mid and upper level management” (Cadres et dirigeants futures). Keep this in mind when you read what Monsieur de La Riviere says of jobs available. It is also important to bare in mind that their discussions concerning employment figures are refering only the french market. In other words; not anywhere else in the world market.

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Certified Luxury

Well, we have been looking for a model, and I think we may have found one.

“Luxury was just as much a learning experience for HEC marketing professor Kristine de Valck. Her subject is digital strategy and she, along with fellow HEC lecturer, Patrick Albaledejo, put together the programme. “The idea of the certificate is to teach students the ins and outs of the luxury industry in a very short time,” said De Valck. “And there was an enormous commitment from Kering to introduce their top managers to our students. They talked about how they came to be in their profession… about their expertise, and the students really appreciated that.”  Continue reading Certified Luxury

Posing for Dollars

Une autre école indeed.

The Campaign continues. On may 28th 2016, a report on the school SUP DE LUXE recently made it to the morning television show TELE MATIN in France. The video presented, Monsieur PERRIN speaking to beautiful young fashion victims, takes on basically the same theme noted in our last post below; not to get your hopes up of actually finding a job in a corresponding market, because there are already very few available. The disclaimer. All that we already know. We hope you do too. Continue reading Posing for Dollars

April Fools!

The following text, from the corresponding webpage “NEWS”  section of the SUPDELUXE website, is dated April 1st 2016. This recent commentary, by the owner of the Institut Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe (commonly called Sup de Luxe) may indeed by quite revealing. From his tone, it would appear he’s trying to hide something.  It may be usefull to note that, internationally, SUPDELUXE is ranked 9th in the field of comparable schools for 2015-16. (I have my doubts about the rating agency, but that’s another story) On that list, with regards to France, it is interesting to see ESSEC taking the number 3 spot!

In any case, doublespeak is a special skill. And for those who posses this amazing talent, brand management, as well as marketing and communications,  present an open door to a virtually limitless store of rhetorical possibilities.

So, just before reading his text below, have a good look at Mr. PERRIN here.
What do you think?


Luxury Management Programmes:         beware of illusions!

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Wow…. Lots of Girls!

Click here for the link to the SUP DE LUXE alumni webspace.

The website header key produces the following text:

Le bureau ALUMNI SUP DE LUXE est piloté par une équipe de diplômés bénévoles. Cette équipe a pour mission de donner de la visibilité au réseau SUP de LUXE …

As is mentioned, the Alumni commitee has given itself the following mission.

A straight google translate of their text gives the following mission statement; Continue reading Wow…. Lots of Girls!

Studies and Careers in Luxury: How to find what’s right for you in a sea of possibilities.

Below is a translated article, from the original French, from the LES ECHOS.FR website, by a certain Valérie Landrieu, on January 7th, 2013. Click here for the original artcle.

Since of course this article is now a few years old, I’m wondering if what was said still holds any water…

In any case, have you made or did you make the right choice for your studies?
We are hoping the following, as well as your comments, will help you answer the question !

Note that I used google translate directly for the English, so please be kind when if you see a few weird phrases…. Continue reading Studies and Careers in Luxury: How to find what’s right for you in a sea of possibilities.

MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management In English – So… what is it?


” MBA in Global Luxury Brand Management In English – Full Time / Bachelor, Master + Business Experience.

Compared to other existing program’s, this one has the ambition to be different:

  • 1) It is not a “Marketing” program, but a “Global” Luxury program, training students in General Management and for all activities that are necessary to be successful in this field : Business Policy, Control and Financial matters, but also Logistics and Supply Chain, to train candidates to become, in the medium and long run, general managers of Luxury subsidiaries in major strategic countries.
  • 2) It puts emphasis on the Management of Creation and of the Creative team, as we believe this is a very important element for a brand to stand out and to provide interesting and outstanding products, objects or services.
  • 3) It develops special skills in Social Media networks and Digital marketing.
  • 4) It wants to stand out as the best available training in Luxury Retailing and Luxury merchandising.

Apart from this specific content, this new program in Global Luxury Management is strengthened by its presence as a Sup de Luxe venture, a school and an environment which can be defined by:

  • 1) The largest MBA in Luxury graduate group, as it now has a body of approximately 1.700 alumni, most of them working for international luxury companies.
  • 2) A special emphasis on a close and productive relationship with the luxury industry in general and the major firms of the sector.

With a class limited to a reasonably small number of students with international potential, this new program in Global Luxury Management expects to become a source of interesting profiles for the luxury companies : They should find graduates ready to start, for example, in selling, retailing or digital marketing jobs and develop a long term career in their firm. It also hopes to become a crossroad of international knowledge and interactions about the luxury world.”

Well, we would love to hear from the 1,700 or so alumni on this one…. the program really sounds amazing. Is this what it’s all about?  Where are you all now working? Sounds like it is a big group and a fun organization to belong to. Could you tell us more?